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Welding Kit
A Welding Kit is a mission item used to repair a damaged panel on the Submarine. It also functions as a more luminous version of the lighter and, in rare circumstances, as a "key".

As a Key Edit

Welding Kit (Searing Key)

A welding kit being used to open a locked door.

Welding Kits have a lesser known function in that they can be used to "break" the sliding lock on doors from the outside of a room. Since such doors can only be locked by the player themselves, this only applies to rooms that have more than one door, such as the Kitchen or the Engine Room. Once a lock is broken in this way, the door can never be re-locked.

Tips Edit

  • The player is advised to use the tool first in order to the other items needed, as the noise generated will attract the monster to the sub's bay and the player will need to leave the area to search for more items anyway. If however the player has all the items required before applying them to the submarine, the welding kit should be applied last, as the monster will be attracted the slowest this way.
  • Unlike a lighter, a welding kit effectively has infinite fuel and is thus a decent alternative to a flashlight. However, a welding kit's flame will only stay active for a few seconds before it must be activated again, making it less reliable.

Trivia Edit

  • Welding Kits cannot be dropped in their active state, meaning they cannot be used to ignite fuel.
  • Welding Kit is the easiest item to find for the sub. The Welding kit has a rather high chance of spawning anywhere from decks 3-1.

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