The second pathway to death
The Upper Decks take up decks 5-8 in the ship. They lead directly down into the stern Lower Decks. This is one of the two sections of the map the player may spawn in.

Interior Edit

The Upper Decks were once home to the now deceased crew of the Hisa Maru. The corridors are severely rusted, clad with white, weathered metal panels. Metal pipes and electrical wires run through the ceiling. Plastic railings line the corridors, and a red line is painted across the panels. Paintings decorate the halls. Notes that crew members have written to each other are taped on the walls, and bulletin boards containing various media are found scattered around the decks. As this is where most of the crew lived, most of the rooms are dormitories, with some personal storage rooms, recreational centers, and dining areas along with them.

The crew is now deceased, however, killed by a malevolent force, and the only thing that remains of them are puddles of blood that can be seen splattered against the wall, or on the floor.

The Upper Decks are located in the rear of the ship, and they make up the ship's superstructure. Decks 5-6 are two of the three decks that the player may spawn in in a playthrough of Monstrum. Decks 7-8 are always generated in a "powered off" state, and are much smaller than decks 5-6. Deck 7 is notable in that it contains the Life Raft, one of the three escape-routes in the game, which will always spawn outside and behind the actual superstructure. Deck 8 is notable for being the smallest deck in the game, as it only contains the Bridge, and it may or may not generate another random room next to it.

Deck 6-Powered on

An Upper Deck corridor; Powered on.

Deck 6-Powered off

An Upper Deck corridor; Powered off

Mission Items. Edit

Life Raft Items: Edit

  • Duct Tape has a chance of spawning on desks or in drawers in random rooms.
  • The Pump can be found in Barricaded Rooms and Power-Locked rooms in the lower deck, though will not spawn in any normal rooms.

Helicopter Items: Edit

  • Helicopter Keys can spawn in any room, anywhere. In drawers, on desks, on shelves, in trash cans, on the floor, etc.
  • Gasoline Canisters can spawn anywhere in the upper and lower decks, in various rooms. They are very common.

Submarine Items: Edit

  • Submarine Batteries have a chance of spawning in assorted rooms from decks 7-8.
  • A Sub Headlight has a chance of spawning in any room, except the kitchen.
  • Fuses have a chance to spawn anywhere in the Upper-Deck.

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