Description Edit

The security room can be found on decks 7 or 8 and contains the fuse box to power those floors. 

Hiding Spots Edit

The player can hide under the desk under the camera monitors. The desk is divided into 3 sections and each counts as a separate hiding spot. It's recommended that the Player hide under the section closest to the door for a quicker escape.

Item Locations Edit


The Security Room can spawn with many items and is always a good idea for the Player to explore it when in the area. 

  • Items are common around the shelves beside the lamp. Keep a sharp eye out for small items hiding behind books.
  • Items can be found on the desk (with camera monitors).
  • The filing cabinet may have items inside.
  • The storage shelves beside the fuse box can contain items as well.

Tips Edit

  • It's possible for the Player to miss items like the Fuse or Lighter when spawned behind some books on the small shelf.
  • When hiding under the desks, be sure not to bump into the chair as this will create unwanted noise for the Player.

Notes Edit

  • The camera screens are static textures. There are four different textures in total, and they are merely for decoration, however the developers did hint that they might do something "interesting" with them later.