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The Life Raft is an escape route in Monstrum. It can be found partially hanging off a ledge on the third level of the Upper Deck ('Deck 7').


Life Raft (Items)

The items you'll need to repair the Life Raft.

In order to repair the Life Raft, the player will need to find the following items:

  • Duct Tape - The raft is torn and must be patched up before it can be inflated.
  • Pump - The raft must be inflated before it can be attached to the chain and moved.
  • Chain Spool - The crane is missing the chain required to lift objects.


1. Interact with the life raft to pull it back from the ledge.
2. Repair the raft by using duct tape on it.
3. Inflate the raft by using the pump on it. Fully inflating the raft takes approximately 10 seconds, after which your journal will update.
4. Attach the chain spool by using it on the base of the crane.
5. Move the crane to the left via interacting with the controls to the right of the raft until the crane cannot move any further. This will take approximately 14 seconds.
6. Lower the chain via the controls.
7. Interact with the hook of the chain and drag it over to the loop on the top of the raft. This should attach it and update your journal.
8. Now move the crane back to the right until the chain is directly lined up to where you're standing ("12 o'clock" to your "6 o'clock"). Note that you do not need to raise the Life Raft to move it; the Life Raft will simply slide).
9. Lower the chain until you receive a journal update.
10. Get down to the Main Deck and interact with the gate in front of the raft.


  • A pump is very commonly found somewhere on the deck nearby, so be sure to check everything carefully.
  • Consider moving the crane into the position it needs to be to lift the raft ahead of time if you're aiming to complete the life raft during that playthrough. This will make noise, but it will save you a lot of time later on.
  • Although it is a bit of an exploit, if you quickly turn away from the controls right as you active them, your character will be able to face towards a different direction, allowing you to watch other parts of the deck and potentially see a monster coming.
  • Duct tape is consumed when it is used to repair the life raft, so consider disabling any cameras in the nearby halls before doing so.
  • Mark a path to the stairs and to the Main Deck with glowsticks so you can quickly get out without the risk of getting lost or taking a wrong turn.
  • If you open the door on deck 5 (outside the upper deck) below the edge where the deflated life raft is hanging down, you can actually jump down onto the door's top ledge without dying, giving you a safe, quick access to the finished life raft within seconds. Also, it seems the monsters aren't able to get (or even see) you as long as you stay on top of it. As of now, the door does not even need to be open.

Ending Cutscene

Caution: Spoilers!



  • The Life Raft is considered to be the easiest escape route, as it does not automatically involve a frantic final chase where the player must distract the monster to prevent it from destroying certain equipment, the items required for it are easy to find, and because there are a number of places the player can quickly hide in, including nearby crates, a closet-like room that may or may not spawn on the side of the building, the interior of the seventh and eighth floor and the nearby Bridge.
  • Your journal states that you need to find a way to power the crane, but that objective is always automatically completed as the crane always spawns already powered up (a change that came with an update). It is possible to turn that power off, but there's really no reason to do so.
  • For some reason, all three monsters have slight variations of the life raft's cut scene, like very minor camera angle differences from within the raft, and from outside it, though they are all pretty much the same thing. The ones shown in the gallery above are for the Brute.
  • It is possible for a maintenance shed to spawn on the life raft deck. This shed functions as a locker, hiding the player from the monster. When it spawns, it is located against the wall, port side of the middle Deck 7 door.

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