The Bridge is a location that is always present on the ship, located on deck 8.


Description Edit

The Bridge is the control room of the ship, therefore a vast array of mechanisms, levers, and buttons span across the room. A small steering wheel is set in the center of the room, behind a vast array of windows, though the player can't interact with the actual controls. There are four exits/entrances to the room, two of which lead to starboard and port balconies. The rest of the room is a mess, with broken furniture, and smashed equipment. Dust hangs in the air.

Notes Edit

  • Bridge-0
    In a real ship, the starboard running lights would be green, while the port side running lights would be red. however, in the game, the running lights are both red.
  • Many valuable items may spawn in here, such as duct tape, sub batteries, helicopter keys, or backpacks, making this room a good place to go, in search of items.

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