The Bridge is always present on the ship, located on deck 8.


Description Edit

The Bridge is the control room of the ship, therefore a vast array of mechanisms, levers, and buttons span across the room. A small steering wheel is set in the center of the room, behind a vast array of windows, though the player can't interact with the actual controls. There are four exits/entrances to the room, two of which lead to starboard and a flight of stairs which leads to the Life Raft bay. There are also two desks, each one next to one of the interior doors of the room, which the player can use to hide. The rest of the room is a mess, with broken furniture, and smashed equipment. Dust hangs in the air.

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Trivia Edit

  • In a real ship, the starboard running lights would be green, while the port side running lights would be red; however, in the game, the running lights are both red.