Description Edit

Room "C06" is a bedroom for the crew members aboard The Ship and can be found on decks 5 and 6.

Searching for items and hiding spots is generally pretty quick due to how spacious and junk-free C06 is compared to other rooms.

Hiding spots Edit

C06 is a good choice as an escape room because of its wide variety of hiding areas.

This room contains 4 different hiding spots in which the player can use to avoid threats. A set of 2 lockers, 1 bunk bed along the far wall, and a desk beside the door.

Item Locations Edit

C06 has very few item spawns despite its size and will most often only have 1 or 2 items.

Items can be found on or under the desk or on the floor in front of the lockers. The top bunk will never contain items like some other rooms with bunk beds.

Tips Edit

  • It's advised that the player use the desk or lockers when attempting to hide from threats, the bed is the furthest from the door and will make escaping that much harder for the player.