Snakes And Ladders

The Recreational Area is a 2-door room that the player may encounter in the upper-deck.

Interior Edit

The Recreational Area is a spacious room that is split up by two wooden dividers. It contains two doorways. In between the two doorways is a bookcase. The words RECREATIONAL AREA is painted out in large white letters on the wall of the room.

Give me the remote

The Recreational Area, with the activated television.

Curtained windows line one wall of the room, and a large sofa is propped against a wooden divider in the center of the room. Facing the sofa is a small retro television, which, when interacted with, will activate and play static. (The noise it generates will attract the monster, making it a good distraction).

Behind the sofa is a desk, which the player cannot hide under. On it is a desk lamp, a record player, and an unfinished game of Snakes and Ladders. Beside the desk is a chair, and a large lamp.

Items Edit

The Recreational Area can spawn Mission Items.

  • Sub Headlights can spawn on the sofa
  • Helicopter Keys can spawn on the bookcase between the two doors, or in the trash can next to the TV.
  • Flashlights can spawn on the bookcase between the two doors.

Glowsticks, smashables, egg timers, radios, and lighters may also spawn around the room, around the aforementioned places.