Thumber PitTrap 1

Pit traps are naturally occuring hazards that may sometimes be found on the Upper Decks of the Ship, primarily Decks 5 and 6. They are isolated sections of the floor that appear to have somehow become corroded and damaged and that are unsafe to run across.

Effects Edit

Pit Trap PoV

The player's PoV after tripping.

When a player runs over a pit trap, they will trip and fall to the ground. The Brute and the Hunter may also "trip" on them, making them potent tools against those monsters if the player jumps over one during a chase.

Pit traps are permanently disabled once triggered, preventing them from causing the player or a monster to trip. As such, players are advised to intentionally set the traps off prematurely when they have the chance, or to use them strategically during a chase by jumping over them.

Thumber PitTrap 2

A neutralized Pit Trap.

Trivia Edit

  • Pit traps are the only non-monster specific hazard that may sometimes not be generated at the beginning of a playthrough.
  • The Fiend is "immune" to pit traps because it does not move via bipedalism.
  • According to Team Junkfish's Design Blog #07, 2 other traps were planned to be implemented into the game: the Tripwire Trap, and the Drop Trap.