Outer deck
The Main Deck is the exterior area of the Ship that connects the Bow and Stern of the ship. The Main deck counts as a large portion of Deck 5.

Exterior Edit

The main deck is the exterior on the hull of the entire ship. When the player first reaches the Main Deck, the "Where Am I?" objective will automatically update to; "A Ship? How the hell did I end up here? There must be some way out of this. I better look around some more".

The main deck is directly accessible by watertight doors on deck 5 in the Upper Decks. It can also be accessed through twin stairwells in the bow Lower Decks. It is painted with red metal plates, which cover the floor. Bright fog-lights illuminate the exterior, which always stay powered-on (Unless the Fiend is nearby). It is the only point of entry to the Helipad.

The main deck goes through 3 sections of the ship, a Storage platform, the Helipad, and another Storage platform, before emptying out into the Upper Deck superstructure. Railings line the edges, though it is not possible to jump off the ship, due to invisible collision walls.

The Main deck is uneventful around the superstructure and in the bow of the ship, being filled with empty space.

Items Edit

No items spawn on the Main Deck.

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