Item Thumber Lighter
A Lighter is a relatively common item found throughout the ship in Monstrum that when activated functions as a finite source of moderately luminous light, greater than a glowstick but weaker than a flashlight. It does not stay lit forever and has to be re-lit periodically.

Uses Edit

Aside from being an expendable light source, lighters are notably one of the only two items that a player can use to ignite fuel to create fire, which is a powerful weapon against the Hunter.

Tips Edit

  • Lighters have a full lifespan of approximately 105 seconds.
  • The Fiend has no effect on the light generated by lighters as he only affects electricity-based lighting, meaning they cannot be used to detect his presence.
  • A lighter has a chance to spawn in the Spawn Room, instead of a glowstick.

Trivia Edit

  • Monsters do not react in any way to the presence of an active lighter, even if the player holds one while hiding (in a locker, under a table, etc.).