Monstrum Glitch Flying..

Monstrum Glitch Flying... With magical chairs!

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This is a comprehensive list of all known bugs and glitches in Monstrum.

A.I. Edit

- All monsters may sometimes phase through walls and floors, most commonly when its A.I. tries to open a different door than the one it's supposed to open.
- The Hunter may sometimes choose to sink through the floor, instead of exiting at the nearest vent or ledge.
- The Fiend may ignore the activation of an Egg Timer, even if it is nearby.
IMG 3321

Nah, you won't get me!

The Hunter can get stuck behind the hand rails in the Crew Decks after emerging from an egg sac. This happens when the player, holding an activated radio in his hand, runs by the Hunter at the exact moment it emerges. The radio breaks immediately due to its proximity to the Hunter, which glitches the Hunter seemingly into the space between the hand rails and the wall, trapping it for the rest of the game and granting the player free roam. (Fixed on update 1.5.0);
Fiend stuck in engine room

I'm just trying to hover through some railing, don't mind me...

The Fiend can get stuck on the second to lowest deck in the engine room. This can happen when the player throws a radio over the catwalk onto the lowest deck. The Fiend will try to reach it, but gets stuck in the small bit of catwalk between the motor block, because its AI wants him to take the most direct route. This happens only when he comes down the stairs on the right hand side seen from the control room on the uppermost engine room deck. If the Fiend sees the player, he'll ignore the radio and start chasing the player again.
The Hunter may get stuck in various corners while chasing the player. The chase music still plays when passing next to it, but it is unable to move unless the player triggers a camera alarm.
Monstrum Shenanigans The Monsters' Day Off! Glitches

Monstrum Shenanigans The Monsters' Day Off! Glitches

This glitch is demonstrated in part of this video.[1]

When trying to open a power-locked door with his telekinetic powers, The Fiend can get stuck in a loop trying to do so and will usually only resume wandering about the ship when he gets alerted to the player's presence in the vicinity. This may also happen with The Hunter.
20160402121311 1

Seems like someone has trapped himself ^^

It can occur that The Fiend phases through the wall into a power-locked room which will essentially trap him. He cannot break down the door or crawl through the vents like the Brute and the Hunter, respectively.

Audio Edit

- Rattling steam pipes may still be heard very clearly from the Main Deck, all the way up to Deck 6 of the Upper Deck.
- The rotation sounds made by cameras can be heard clearly through walls and floors.
- The Fiend's death animation when it pulls the player out from under a bed has no sound.
- The Fiend's music may sometimes clip off, instead of transitioning into the wander theme.
- The sound for escape cutscenes is linked with Music; if you have Music turned off, no sound will play.
- The television in the Recreation Room can be heard clearly through walls and floors, and can still be heard faintly from the Main Deck, Lower Decks, and even the Engine Room. Sounds like someone forgot to turn the volume down!

Items Edit

Item Spawn Bug

This'll be easier than I thought!

More than one mission item may sometimes spawn in a single room.

If the player quickly scrolls through their inventory while an escape-route item is being used, the item they are using will still be in their inventory, however the objective will still be completed.

- Small items (e.g. lighters, egg timers) have a chance to fall through the floor when thrown. They also have a chance of falling through tables, or walls. Flashlights, glowsticks and smashables also often get stuck when opening drawers.
- Monsters may sometimes destroy an active radio or egg timer from the floor above or below it.
- While welding the Submarine's broken panel, the Welding Kit is missing its tanks - the cable isn't attached to anything.

Loopholes Edit

Death Trap 1

A risky place to try and thwart a monster.

One of the randomly generated formations of terrain objects that can spawn in the cargo area consists of beer kegs, bags of rice, and boxes. The layout of them is such that the player can jump up on the bags of rice on the right side, jump on top of the center most keg, then crouch and walk behind it. The space here is not a glitch and seems to have been designed deliberately as a "fox hole" of sorts, as none of the three monsters will be able to reach the player here. However, this is currently not a true hiding spot because if a monster happens to come by, they will see the player immediately. All three monsters will attempt to find another way around to the player, but will never stray far from this area, making it difficult (but not impossible) to get away. It is not advised to try to hide here as it can be a fiddly spot to get into consistently, and the only reason you would intentionally hide here is to try to end a chase (when your time is limited as it is).

An impractical, but amusing place to go to during a chase.

There is a type of container that possesses several heavy-duty black cases, all piled up on one another. It is possible to climb up onto them and scamper to the end. The monster will not be able to reach you, though there is no practical point, as the monster will not leave the area.
Brute (Loop Hole Spot 2)

The Brute, suddenly looking a lot like The Killer from Shriek If You Know What I Did Last Friday the 13th.

Similar to the previous loop-hole, there are washing machines in the cargo hold that can be jumped on top of. Again, the monster will not be able to reach you, but will not leave the area, making it a death trap.
Monstrum Glitches Walking off the map boundaries

Monstrum Glitches Walking off the map boundaries

The player may pile gasoline cans and chairs on top of one another, and jump onto them to reach the top of the bridge, which can be used to access the top of the containers, which can be used to access restricted areas of the ship, which can be used to leave the map.

(EDIT: As of v.1.4, this has been patched)

Nice swimming pool
The player may drag a chair from the upper deck, down to the lower deck in the bow. They can take it up to the highest level of the cargo hold, and position it on the railing of the stairs. They can then jump onto the railing, and use the chair to access the top of the arches. Monsters cannot reach the player here, and the player can use the "blank space" next to the cargo corridors to phase through levels quickly. However, jumping onto the containers will be a one way trip, as there is no way the player can jump back.
Brute can't get me... Again

The pole is not food. Stop chewing on it.

The player can stand on top of one of the Mess Hall tables, and the Brute will not be able to reach them. If the player is careful enough, they can avoid all the monsters on the table.
Monstrum Glitch Trapping the Monsters..

Monstrum Glitch Trapping the Monsters... In Boxes!

The player can trap the monsters permanently in one of the locked containers near the helicopter, by luring them into the adjacent container to the locked one, and causing them to glitch through the wall (by spraying them with a fire extinguisher, for example).
- The player may crouch on top of the sofa in the Recreational Area, and the Brute will not be able to get them, as long as they stay crouched in the farthest corner.

Technical Edit

Monstrum glitches The Fiend can't get me!

Monstrum glitches The Fiend can't get me!

If the player is hiding in under a desk, or in a cupboard next to open drawers, and they are discovered by a monster, they have a chance to be thrown into the drawers.
Time Out

The Hunter, stuck in a wall/vent (other side).

The Hunter has a history of buggy behavior associated with the submarine's recharge sequence, and can get stuck in the vents when it attempts to breach the room if the player blocks the vent off with the cart. It will be stuck there for the rest of the game, allowing the player absolute free-roam of the ship for as long as they wish.
Brute Submarine Wall Bug

The Brute's head would look good hanging above a fireplace. It would also BE a good fireplace.

If a monster destroys one of the doors to the submarine room while they're still open, it may sometimes cause the sequence to bug out later. Thus far, the Fiend has been seen to "freeze" outside one of the doors permanently, while the Brute becomes stuck inside of a wall. Both monsters were completely harmless while in this state.

- The fusebox for the power locked room always spawns near the power-locked room, though not always next to the power-locked room. For example, If there is another hallway that passes by the door, the fuse box may actually spawn in that second hallway, instead of next to the door.
- If you lock the Fiend in a power-locked room, there is a chance that it will simply destroy the door as if it were a locker door, instead of unlocking it the way it usually does.
- The monster may destroy a phonebox that it is not next to, if the player calls it while the monster is next to a different phonebox. The phonebox the monster IS next to will not be destroyed in the process.
- Before the submarine room's countdown sequence has been initiated, the Hunter can emerge in the submarine room via one of the three vents. If it does, it may appear and begin chasing the player instantly after breaking the grate, giving the player less than a second to react. If the player happens to be walking past that vent at the time, they will likely die before they even know what's happening.
Display Prompts Light Bug

LEFT: Display Prompts (ON).
RIGHT: Display Prompts (OFF).

When the player leaves the Spawn Room, the spotlight above the lockers will not turn off if Display Prompts is not enabled.
- Rarely, more than one barricaded room of the same type may spawn.
- Light-switches in rooms in the Engine Room toggle the 'On' and 'Off' light indicaters for their respective phoneboxes. This does not change the phone's ability to make or receive calls.
- If the player activates a steam valve just as they are standing up from a crouched position, the valve will instantly turn off (or on, depending on its current state) without any animation playing. This also applies to the Master Steam Control Valve in the Engine Room, which will become permanently inoperable.
- The Fiend can get stuck in the empty space between the randomly generated rooms in the Crew Decks. The player won't be able to see the Fiend, but can still hear him if he gets close enough to the wall. The electrics on the Deck will still be affected by the Fiend's presence. How this happens is yet unknown. He will be trapped for the rest of the game, unable to free himself and thus granting the player free roam unless the player activates the Submarine Charge Sequence, which automatically teleports all monsters to the Submarine Bay.

Visual Edit


He's a rodent!

The Fiend's teeth go through its bottom jaw.

Some kind of abstract design for a light fixture. Weird.

In some bedrooms in the upper-deck, there is a room variation that possesses a lamp that is stuck inside the wall.
- When the Brute is locked inside a power-locked room and breaks out, the door will simply disappear, instead of fall apart, after it has been broken open.
- When the Hunter re-enters a vent, it may sometimes disappear into the wall or ceiling next to it instead.
- The monster climbing/falling animations may fail to play while they are climbing/falling from a container.
- The player's hand may flop around ridiculously while opening a door. This happens if the player moves around while opening the door.
Light Through Floors Bug

Funky looking UFOs.

Light from above floors, below floors, and adjacent rooms may seep through the edges of walls, floors, and ceilings. Relatedly, the flickering of lights as caused by the Fiend can be seen this way.
Bug (Rising Water)

But this ship can't sink!

If you stand at the top of the stairs at either the aft end of the ship or the Upper Decks and look down, it will appear as through the ocean has flooded the stairs on the levels below you.
- The hand animation will sometimes not align with the valve when the player is turning a steam valve.
Death Animation no Hunter

Something, something, John Cena.

The Hunter can despawn mid death animation, if the player gets killed by it while it is going back to a vent.

There's a really bad mold problem on this boat.

Egg sacs in the Cargo Hold can sometimes be seen clipping through the walls.

Anomalies & Oddities Edit

The following is a list of bug or glitch like occurences in Monstrum that are more likely due to technical limitations rather than technical malfunctions, which is to say they are the way they are by design and are unlikely to be changed or fixed.

- If the player hides in a cupboard that is open or even no longer has a door at all, the monster will not notice the player. Furthermore, if the player opens a cupboard door while they are hiding, shines a light, throws an item, or even shoots the monster with a flare gun while hiding, the monster will not notice. The player may even spray a monster in the face with a fire extinguisher while they are inside a locker, and the monster still will not notice.
Quirky AI Vision

Something, something, John Cena.

Monsters cannot see the player through windows, gaps between stairs, or through metal grating.
- If the Hunter spots a player while it is crawling back into a vent, it will not attack the player. Instead, it will just return into the vent as if nothing happened.
- If you throw any item (except a Fire Extinguisher) over the side of the boat, it will return to the place where you originally found it. In fact, depending on how close the room where the item originated from is, it is possible to quickly return to it and see the item fall back into place out of nothingness. This also applies to Smashable items, though they are still destroyed regardless.

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