Generic rooms make up the randomly generated areas of the Ship and can contain anywhere from 0 to 3 or more various items, as well as hiding places such as lockers, cabinets, beds, or tables. The rooms are labeled as "generic" because they are otherwise unremarkable, and can even appear multiple times in an area.

List of Rooms Edit

Crew Deck
Room C06
A bedroom with four possible hiding spots (2 lockers, 1 bed, and 1 table). Reportedly, the top bunk bed here will never contain items (unlike other bunk beds).
C07 1
Room C07
A small room containing two lockers, and a fuse box that provides electricity for the level it's on. Note that the half shelf in the room is not a table, and cannot be used to hide under.
C24 1
Room C24
A storage room with two lockers. Although a vent passes through this room, there does not appear to be a suitable exit for the Hunter.
C35 washroom1
Room C35
A bathroom containing two lockers. The toilet can be activated (flushed), but the noise it makes does not appear to attract monsters.