A Flashlight is a relatively uncommon item in Monstrum that when activated functions as a finite source of highly luminous light, especially when compared with a glowstick or a lighter.

Tips Edit

  • Flashlights have a full lifespan of approximately 4.5 minutes. The light will begin to flicker after a total of 4 minutes of active use, then gradually die off.
  • Flashlights are the only item in the game that can detect a nearby monster, specifically the Fiend who causes a player's flashlight to dim significantly. As such, it is advised to save your flashlight as much as possible and to use it strategically when you think the Fiend may be around or are not sure where it is (especially in areas such as the cargo hold).
  • Flashlights are commonly found in the Engine Room.
  • There is always a flashlight on the floor in the Spawn Room.

Trivia Edit

  • Monsters do not react in any way to the presence of an active flashlight, even if the player holds one while hiding (in a locker, under a table, etc.).
  • The Flashlight is instead called a torch according to the game's tutorial.