Lighter Flame 1

An active lighter.

Fire refers to both the passive source of light generated by lighters and welding kits, as well as the literal plume of flame created by igniting fuel. The latter case is notable in its use as an extremely powerful STOP effect against the Hunter, making it retreat completely.

As a Light SourceEdit

Lighter Flame 2

The flame's illumination at close range.

The light produced by a lighter's flame has a small range, smaller even than a glowstick, however because they have no other purpose (other than to create fire), they can be a useful, expendable resource for when you either do not have glowsticks or wish to conserve your flashlight's battery power.

Welding kits produce a much brighter flame that is roughly on par with a glowstick and, unlike lighters, do not run out of fuel no matter how many times they are used, although a welding kit's flame will only last for a few seconds before it must be activated again.

Creating FireEdit

Fire 1

A flame created by the player.

To create a fire, a player must use a fuel canister and spill fuel on to the ground. A single "drop" or spill will count as enough fuel to be ignited, but to be used effectively (and safely), it should be spread out in a line or large area that you wish to block off or set up as a trap (such as a hallway).

Once the fuel has been spilled, simply activate a lighter and drop it onto the fuel. The fire will burn for several seconds before expiring, consuming the spilled fuel in the process. The lighter may then be retrieved and re-used, assuming it has not yet run out of fuel itself.

Fires can theoretically be spread across fairly large distances or areas, provided that the player has enough fuel canisters on hand, though they have no other effect on the environment.


The crackling of fire in-game.


Fire 2

The Brute after stepping out of a trail of flames.

Fire has no physical effect on the Brute, though it has a rather inconsistent effect with the Fiend, as, depending on the amount of fire burning, it will stop in its tracks and wait for it to go out. The Hunter, on the other hand, has a remarkably unique reaction when burned by fire in that it will fully stop chasing the player and retreat to the nearest "exit" (typically ceiling vents if in-doors, or by climbing over the rails if outside).

Fried fish

Fire being used on the Hunter.

Notably, the Hunter is completely harmless in this state, and the player can even run directly in front of it as it flees without being killed. This is by no means a permanent solution, as not only will the Hunter invariably return, it can even quickly re-emerge several seconds later if you re-attract it with noise.

Keep in mind that you are also vulnerable to the effects of fire. Although you cannot be immolated, fire does deal damage and will quickly kill you if you remain standing in it.

Trivia Edit

  • A welding kit cannot be dropped in its active state, meaning its flame cannot be used to ignite fuel.
  • Ironically, fire extinguishers cannot put out fire.
  • Fire appears to burn very precisely with whatever pattern is made with the fuel, making it possible to "play with" ie; create small words, names, shapes, or patterns. Typically this will require at least 2 to 3 fuel canisters.