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Escape Routes are various means of transportation that represent the primary objective or goal in Monstrum; namely, to escape the ship via one of them. They are the only means by which the player can achieve victory.

Escape Routes

Route Thumber Helicopter
The Helicopter
A yellow and blue-striped rescue chopper. It requires 4 items to complete.
Route Thumber LifeRaft
The Life Raft
An orange and black rubber life raft. It requires 3 items to complete.
Route Thumber Submarine
The Submarine
A yellow exploration submersible. It requires 4 items to complete.


  • It is unknown why there is only one life raft on such a large ship.
  • It is highly unusual for a cargo ship to have its own exploration submersible.
  • It is possible, albeit difficult and pointless, to complete all 3 escape routes simultaneously.

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