Monstrum cam

Cameras are security devices found throughout the hallways of the upper decks. If the player stands in a camera's line of sight for too long (3 seconds), an alarm will trigger, which will alert the monster of the player's presence. The alarm blares 5 times, before ebbing away, with a 2 second gap between each alarm.

The alarm is blared out from the camera, thus the monster will have an exact place to search for the player. This also means that they can be set off deliberately as a distraction so that the player can access the stairs.

Tips Edit

  • If the player hears a buzzing noise, similar to a bomb going off, immediately go back to where you just came from until the buzzing stops, then try to look for the camera via peeking around a corner.
  • Duct tape can be used to neutralize cameras. To do so, get close to one and click on it while the duct tape is selected. Note that duct tape has infinite uses when used in this way, meaning doing so will not affect your ability to repair the Life Raft.
  • Crouching under a camera will clear its line of sight, averting the countdown trigger, and allowing you to pass by unseen.

Trivia Edit

  • Strangely enough, the monsters themselves cannot trigger the alarms as cameras do not react to them.
  • The Fiend's presence has no effect on cameras.
  • Monitors with camera feeds can be found in certain rooms of the ship, typically in security rooms. They become active when a fusebox in the room is activated, but will only show a single generic image or "frame" on every monitor, thus rendering them useless for tracking the player's pursuer. There also appears to be more monitors than cameras on the ship.
  • It used to be possible to stand under cameras to clear their line of sight. This was changed in v0.9.2.
  • Although these cameras appear far more modern when compared to the rest of the ship, the earliest known security cameras date back to 1942, which is at least 35 years before the events of Monstrum (based on Note #4 and #7).

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