• Pkslider725

    The editors seem to really know what they're talking about, as I feel like I have an almost-full comprehension of all three of the monsters, despite not having played the game (I'm honestly too nervous to try, maybe I'll watch my friend play...^w^) and I've seen very few grammatical errors, despite looking through every article I can find. Even the anonymous users seem to be fine, up-standing folks, indeed not the type to slather graffiti on the highly informative and beautifully-editted pages of the wiki.

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  • Minecrafter 1er

    To celebrate the first anniversary of the Monstrum wiki we are making a personnality test to discover which monster you are in Monstrum

    To help out give us some ideas for the personnality test. Make sure it's makes a link whit the monster whit each question.And try to get good ideas. Be resonable about your aswer (don't lie)

    • You are waiting at the pharmacie, but the line is really,REALLY long. What happen?
    1. You becomes impatient and lose your temper.
    2. Your are a %100 patient and calm.
    3. You try to find a way to distract yourself.
    • You do a test (any kind in general). What grade do you get
    1. F
    2. C or B
    3. A++

    The more you chose the same number, the more chance our are gonna be that monster

    Here are the monster number

    1. Brute
    2. Hunter
    3. Fiend
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  • Hermann Fegelein The Antic Master

    There might be only 6 monsters in the game."6 specimens" can be found on Note #12. Unless they are sending loads of specimens every few months?

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